The OQM Cycle

As an on-going pro­cess OQM® helps you exami­ne the effec­tiveness of your mea­su­res during the cour­se of a year and at the same time keep all other are­as of the orga­ni­za­ti­on in view.



Results and Action Plans

Implementation and Evaluation

1. Preparation
  • Con­tact us in order to cla­ri­fy the gene­ral frame­work for using the OQM® Pro­fi­le in your orga­ni­za­ti­on and fur­t­her pos­si­ble approa­ches (for examp­le, taking a small ran­dom sam­ple).
  • After that you recei­ve the ques­ti­onn­aire in prin­ta­ble form as a PDF file and an Excel spreadsheet for data ent­ry.
  • The ques­ti­onn­aire can be custo­mi­zed accord­ing to your desi­res, for examp­le by inclu­ding your organization’s logo or exch­an­ging the name “OQM® Pro­fi­le” for ano­t­her tit­le or slo­gan.
2. Executing the survey
  • The ques­ti­onn­aires are han­ded out to the par­ti­ci­pants with short inst­ruc­tions.
3. From results to action plans
  • The eva­lua­ti­on of the data takes place in our insti­tu­ti­on. Optio­nal detail­ed eva­lua­ti­ons and addi­tio­nal reports can be sup­plied upon request and at addi­tio­nal cost.
  • The results are pre­sen­ted, inter­pre­ted and an Action Plan deve­lo­ped in the con­text of a two day, solu­ti­on focu­sed “Kick off Work­shop” toge­ther with an OQM® coach.
4. Implementation and Evaluation
  • After the work­shop we recom­mend coa­ching with an OQM® coach in order to accom­pa­ny the imple­men­ta­ti­on.
  • •After appro­xi­mate­ly 12 mon­ths a new pro­fi­le is taken in order to exami­ne the suc­cess of the mea­su­res – the cycle starts anew.

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