What Organic Quality Management achieves

OQM® is more than just a survey – it’s a process for developing an organization.

In using the OQM® Pro­fi­le you bene­fit from a long histo­ry of expe­ri­ence in the deve­lop­ment of ques­ti­onn­aires and in pro­jects invol­ving orga­ni­za­tio­nal deve­lop­ment. The ana­ly­sis of the com­ple­ted ques­ti­onn­aires is car­ri­ed out by a spe­cia­list team made up of an orga­ni­za­tio­nal psy­cho­lo­gist and a soci­al sci­en­tist.

OQM® provides you with reliable rata

You recei­ve a relia­ble and valid OQM® Pro­fi­le of your orga­ni­za­ti­on based on natio­nal bench­marks, making it pos­si­ble to com­pa­re your results with tho­se of other orga­ni­za­ti­ons. The OQM® Pro­fi­le allows you to imme­dia­te­ly dis­co­ver the strengths and weak­nes­ses of your orga­ni­za­ti­on. The com­pa­ri­son of data over lon­ger peri­ods of time is also pos­si­ble without any pro­blems.

Additional offers

OQM Plus

In addi­ti­on to the basic ana­ly­sis of the eight qua­li­ty cha­rac­te­ris­tics you also recei­ve a detail­ed ana­ly­sis of the indi­vi­du­al ques­ti­ons used in the ques­ti­onn­aire. Based on this data com­pa­ri­sons over lon­ger peri­ods of time are easi­ly pos­si­ble.

OQM Divisions

If your orga­ni­za­ti­on con­sists of several divi­si­ons or bran­ches a con­trast ana­ly­sis can be gene­ra­ted in order to com­pa­re the dif­fe­rent are­as with one ano­t­her.

Coaching und Organisationsentwicklung

Our expe­ri­en­ced OQM® coa­ches can help you pre­pa­re to imple­ment the OQM® Pro­fi­le, gather the data, under­stand and inter­pret the results, deve­lop goals and action plans and then to imple­ment and eva­lua­te tho­se plans. We offer tele­pho­ne coa­ching and on-site coa­ching. If desi­red an OQM® coach will glad­ly come and pre­sent the pro­fi­le results to your team or workers per­so­nal­ly.

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